Everyone Matters to God.  We strive to be a church family where everyone is welcomed, accepted, and inspired to grow in authentic relationships with Jesus Christ and each other—no matter what our background.  We believe that the church isn’t an institution but, rather, a group of individuals with individual and unique gifts who God will use to do profound things.

⋙ We are a church filled with people who aren’t perfect but love a perfect God. 
⋙ We are a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-generational family of believers. 
⋙ We desire to see all of us inspired to grow in our love for Jesus, each other and our community.
⋙As member of the International Foursquare Church, we believe that Jesus Christ is our; Savior, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Healer, and Soon Coming King. 



Connect to God and others through our Sunday services designed to:
⋙ Celebrate, encourage, and challenge us to love God.
⋙ Build up the church for the work of the Ministry.
⋙ Get people involved in Light Groups.(Our small group structure) 
(Mark 12:30-31) 


Grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ by “doing life together” in weekly Light Groups designed to grow a culture where:
⋙ We will grow in love for God and each other.
⋙ True friendships can grow.
⋙ God’s Word is taught.
⋙ We are challenged to follow.
⋙ Our spiritual gifts are identified.
⋙ We are growing so we can serve others.
(Acts 2:42, 46-47) 


Join Jesus in His ministry to love others by serving them. We’ve all been invited to join Him in making a difference:
⋙ In our Ministry within the Church
⋙ In our Mission to the unchurched 
(Romans 12:4-5)